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Tell Ocean City: Say No to Bigotry

Tell the Mayor, City Council and other town officials of Ocean City, Maryland to cancel the invitation to retired Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin to headline the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin has made his name by being one of the most bigoted and offensive figures on the national stage. While a top official at the Pentagon, Boykin gave inflammatory speeches framing the war on terror as a holy war against Islam, which earned him public rebukes from many, including President Bush. Since his retirement, Boykin has devoted himself to spreading intolerance of Islam and promoting outlandish and harmful conspiracy theories about President Obama and others.

Email the Mayor, City Council and Town Officials of Ocean City now and tell them to reject Boykin's message of hate and find another speaker.

Please customize your subject line AND email message to make the biggest impact. You can find plenty of information on Boykin to help you craft an original message here.


  • Communications Manager Donna Abbott
  • Council Member Brent Ashley
  • Council Member Doug Cymek
  • Travel Coordinator Norma Dobrowolski
  • President James Hall
  • Council Member Joseph Hall
  • Council Member Mary Knight
  • Secretary Lloyd Martin
  • Mayor Richard Meehan
  • Council Member Margaret Pillas
  • Convention Center Director Wayne Pryor
  • Tourism Director Deborah Travers Turk


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